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B Present Wellness Retreat: Red Rock Style 2.0

Rest. Relax. Rejuvenate. Come escape the daily grind with us this fall for the next B Present Wellness Retreat!

We will be traveling to beautiful St. George, Utah and staying at Red Mountain Resort for four fun and unforgettable nights. The resort is within walking distance of Snow Canyon State Park. Its breathtaking views of red rock cliffs are nothing short of amazing. Be as adventurous as you want with daily hikes, biking, and kayaking, or choose from a wide variety of fitness classes that the resort offers. If rest and peace is what you are craving, visit the spa, relax poolside, or simply stroll the beautiful grounds at Red Mountain Resort. Continue reading “B Present Wellness Retreat: Red Rock Style 2.0”

Your Success Story Is 21 Days Away

Another round of our signature “21 Day Transformation” wellness program starts after Memorial Day weekend. 

If you hate pizza and burgers, you will definitely not like the meal plan.


Chocolate? Wine? Cocktails? BLECH. All of those things are allowed in the 21 Day Transformation too, so we’re sure you’re not interested.



And if your kids are natural broccoli and kale lovers, and you don’t ever struggle with making healthy meals that your family will actually eat, then this plan will be of no use to you.


Just in case our sarcasm font is broken…

We ABSOLUTELY think you should consider joining us for the next round of the 21 Day Transformation. We believe that eating great-tasting, real food is a pretty universal value, so our wellness coach Gina Schade has designed this program so that it can be customized to meet your specific needs, whatever they may be. Continue reading “Your Success Story Is 21 Days Away”

Meet the Yogis: Megan and Kate

When we rolled out our brand new schedule last month, it didn’t just mean some new class times and formats in the class lineup–it meant some fresh faces on the B Team too! We are thrilled to welcome two new yoga instructors, Kate F. and Megan H., to our growing team. Along with barre tender/yoga instructor Kara B., they are now leading yoga classes every week at B Present. Read on to find out more about Kate and Megan, how their respective journeys with B Present began, why they love yoga–and why you will too!


Kate F.: Fast Facts

  • Originally from the Detroit area
  • Completed undergraduate work at Michigan State University; currently a third year law student at Notre Dame. Hopes to go into litigation: “I have a big mock trial coming up on Saturday and that will be my first real experience in the courtroom. We’ll see how it goes!”
  • Loves to travel: “I lived in Amsterdam for a month before I started law school, I spent last semester studying abroad in London, I lived in France for three months during undergrad for an internship, and I lived in Washington D.C. for the last two summers working for a small law firm.”

Continue reading “Meet the Yogis: Megan and Kate”

New Schedule, More Classes: Behind the Scenes with Tammy

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

You’ve probably noticed some big changes on the class schedule lately: new class times, new instructors, and even brand new classes. What’s going on around here?!

We talk a lot about comfort zones at B Present Studio. To put it mildly…we’re not a fan of them! “I’m always watching clients’ bodies and results and even mindsets,” says B Present founder and co-owner Tammy Weisweaver. “We have such a loyal following and people who have been with us for years now. We also have brand new clients coming in all the time, but I didn’t want those longtime clients to fall into a comfort zone. Even though the classes are challenging, and we are always changing our staples of Barre Bootcamp and Barre Beautiful–those aren’t going away by any means!–I though it would be good for our minds AND our muscles to mix it up and have some novelty.” Continue reading “New Schedule, More Classes: Behind the Scenes with Tammy”

The Barre Digest: Kara and the Cheeky Charleston

“I love how graceful Kara is with both her movement and her words. She is so sweet you almost don’t realize she’s trying to kill you.”

We asked you to tell us what you thought of Barre Tender Kara and one of her most infamous signature moves:

Continue reading “The Barre Digest: Kara and the Cheeky Charleston”

Here’s a beautiful reflection from Barre Beauty Morgan, on discovering her worth and strength deep within her own heart…Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.09.54 AM

I took my stretching outside to soak up tonight’s beauty. As I was stretching I noticed how many bruises and scars I have covering my very tired legs. Though they definitely aren’t pretty, they are strong. When my head told me that I should give up, my legs and heart have always worked together to push me forward, even when I wasn’t nourishing them to do so. Continue reading “You Are Strong, You Are Worthy”

Barre With Baby on Board: Part II

Last week on the blog, we shared the stories of some of our barre beauties who have put active pregnancy to the test (spoiler alert: mom and baby approved!). This week, barre tender Kaley is sharing her experience with not just taking classes but leading them while pregnant with her third child. Enjoy!



With my first pregnancy, I worked out occasionally the first 20 weeks and really didn’t watch what I ate at all. I felt like I had a pass to eat whatever I wanted, that I was “eating for two!,” and that it didn’t matter because I was going to gain weight regardless. I ended up gaining more weight than I had hoped, had very little energy, and didn’t lose all of the weight until about ten months postpartum. The second time I got pregnant, I decided to do things differently, so I watched what I ate VERY closely (resulting in very minimal weight gain – half of what I gained with my first!), but didn’t exercise at all. By the time I was pregnant with my third, I had been an instructor at B Present for almost six months and knew that this time around I was going to take care of myself all the way around; I would continue to exercise AND be mindful of what I ate. Continue reading “Barre With Baby on Board: Part II”

Relax, Guys…We’ve Got Valentine’s Day Covered

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we get it–you’re racking your brain trying to think of the perfect way to show your love and affection to your one and only. And after a few years together, it’s gotten a lot harder to come up with something original and creative. You want to do something different this year.

But before you take a page out of Monica and Chandler’s book and pledge to only give homemade gifts that you’ve crafted by hand…


Chandler's Homemade Gift
It did not go well.

…maybe put down the glue sticks and breathe a sigh of relief because this year, B Present Studio has the perfect date planned for you and your Valentine. It’s….

Date Day at the Barre!

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No “Justs” About It

Imagine this conversation–you’ve probably already heard it (or participated in it) a few hundred times. One person says to another, “So, what do you do for a living?”

The response might be straightforward: “I’m a teacher,” “I’m an accountant,” “I’m an engineer.”  But sometimes we can’t explain our livelihood in one word, and especially when we’re talking to women, we might hear things like…

“Oh, I’m just a mom.”

“I’m actually just a student right now…”

“I just work part-time right now.”

Have you ever noticed anything about the way we describe ourselves? Do you spot a pattern in these responses? Maybe “just” a tiny tendency to slip one innocuous-sounding little word in there over and over again?

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