Another round of our signature “21 Day Transformation” wellness program starts after Memorial Day weekend. 

If you hate pizza and burgers, you will definitely not like the meal plan.


Chocolate? Wine? Cocktails? BLECH. All of those things are allowed in the 21 Day Transformation too, so we’re sure you’re not interested.



And if your kids are natural broccoli and kale lovers, and you don’t ever struggle with making healthy meals that your family will actually eat, then this plan will be of no use to you.


Just in case our sarcasm font is broken…

We ABSOLUTELY think you should consider joining us for the next round of the 21 Day Transformation. We believe that eating great-tasting, real food is a pretty universal value, so our wellness coach Gina Schade has designed this program so that it can be customized to meet your specific needs, whatever they may be.

“I’ve thought about jumping into this program for more than a year as I’ve watched a coworker make such a transformation that her skin is actually glowing. My daughter is getting married in June and I promised myself I would lose some weight (in spite of trying, I haven’t). I also got my worst health assessment ever at my last doctor’s visit. It’s time to get rid of my sugar habit and stress eating.”

–Bev, Day 1

The 21DT is not a crash diet; it’s a lifestyle. It’s the first step in what we hope will be a lasting collection of healthy habits. We’ll address how you think about food (it’s fuel, not a reward!), what proper portion sizes look like, and how to mindfully indulge without undoing all of your hard work. We’ll work on being strategic about meal planning and grocery shopping so that you can cut down on food waste, and avoid impulsive food decisions. We also suggest lots of creative ways to use up leftovers so that you can cook once and get two or three meals out of it. (And who doesn’t want fewer dishes to wash?)


And it’s not just dinner that’s served: the meal plan covers breakfast, lunch, and snacks as well, providing plenty of healthy and delicious options no matter how much time you have for food prep during the day.


Plus, since we know that life happens, a guide for eating out and making good choices on the go is also included.



Meal planning tools included in the program will help you anticipate challenges that lie ahead and plan for them so that you don’t have to resort to the drive-thru or take out.


And when things don’t quite go according to plan, you’ll have learned enough about making healthy choices to be able to improvise (and you’ll have some sweet Facebook cheerleaders there to applaud your culinary skills!).



This online accountability group isn’t just where you can find Gina and ask questions; it’s also a support system to lean on for encouragement and solidarity during the 21 Day Transformation. Sharing struggles and victories, both large and small, helps to keep you motivated and on track. Plus, a Facebook news feed filled with women supporting other women (and pictures of delicious and healthy food) all day doesn’t hurt.




At the end of these 21 days, we hope that you will find that it’s really less about what you’ve lost (pounds, inches, the phone number for Pizza Hut delivery…) and more about what you’ve gained: knowledge, organization, stress management, skills to cope with cravings, self-confidence, and better overall health.

Your success stories are our success stories, and we can’t wait to create more of them together.

“This program has been life-changing for me. I’m not perfect, but it has given me a guide along with real recipes and an eating plan that works. I ended up losing eight pounds and five inches from my waist during the 21 Day Transformation (and have lost four more pounds since the program ended). My daily heartburn is gone and I just feel so much better. At 54 I’m thrilled to have found this, and hope others in my situation can find the same hope and results.”

–Bev, Day 21 (and beyond)

“I have struggled with PCOS since high school. It took my husband and I two and a half years and help from medication to conceive our daughter. Due to health issues, I had some complications with my pregnancy and had to be induced a month early. My doctor advised that if we wanted any more children we should try sooner rather than later as the risk for the complications would increase the older I got. Even with trying multiple medications, though, I cannot get my body and hormones under control. At my last doctor’s appointment, the doctor reminded me how much diet can affect things and suggested I try to clean up my eating. So, I joined the 21DT figuring it couldn’t hurt. This morning I started my first cycle since my daughter was born three years ago. I actually cried this morning with renewed hope that we may get to expand our family. Food really can affect so many things!”

–21 Day Transformer


Whether you need just a little help with getting back on track or a total diet overhaul, the 21 Day Transformation is a great way to hit the “reset” button. There’s no time like the present to make a fresh start–we’ve got a new round of the 21DT starting Tuesday, May 30th and it’s not too late to join.

Your success story could be just 21 days away. Go get it!