We’re thrilled to announce the addition of two new barre tenders to the B Team: Lisa and Olivia!


We asked them to tell us a little bit more about themselves in their own words. Without further ado…meet Lisa!

When I am not working out I am…

Running my Cabi business. Reaching out to women, after their workouts, helping them feel confident and beautiful in Cabi Clothing!

However, what I love most is this family that I have created with my husband of 26 years. I love doing life with my Scotty boy. My three kids keep me very, very busy. My oldest, Katie, is a junior at IU. My sweet barre addict, Abby, is heading off to Ball State this fall. And last but not least, my boy with a huge heart, 10 year old Landon!


I am also blessed that I get to keep busy with my dad (age 88) who lives on Diamond Lake, and I make lots of trips back and forth spending time with my sweet man. I have loved this lake since about age 12….it’s such a very special place to me for so many reasons. Lake time = Lisa’s heaven! #putmeonaboat

A few things you probably don’t know about me…

I’ve only lived in the South Bend area for less than two years. My hubby and I met freshman year at IU, married, and lived in Westfield, Ind. for most of the past 25 years.

I was a Redstepper at IU, all four years, wearing shiny tall red go-go boots with thick, chunky heels….dancing my life away all through college!

I’m obsessed with owls and my charity. I support all fights against Alzheimer’s disease after my mom lost her long battle with this disease a few short years ago.

Funny days at the Barre…

OH SO MANY! The class where Jill told the story (as she was kicking our butts) of Sophie and the toilet seat getting stuck on her head. I totally fell apart at the call to 911!!  Honestly, not sure when I have laughed myself into ab cramps like that. Could not breathe. Literally doubled over on the barre! Oh, SOPHIE!

Another…forgot the barre was out for repairs and went to lean on it and body/head slammed the mirror!

Another…as a newbie instructor, I forgot to recharge the MIC and poor (also newbie) Olivia had to scream her way through one of her student teaching classes that night! #iamsosorryolivia

What B Present means to me…

After living in a community for 26 years and having to relocate the family, I was obviously feeling like a fish out of water, confused and literally lost most days. Not grounded, twirling around on the daily….it is all a blur.

The B Present community, the instructors and the wonderful women who go there, filled my cup and made me feel like I had lived here my whole life. It is very hard to put into words what the B Present community is like; it just wraps itself around you and gives you a big hug every day. (Then it gives you the best workout of your life!) It was like getting a daily injection that was filled with positivity, clarity, peace, and total exhaustion from the work out! I’d been dancing since I was three years old and had lost connection with a ballet barre as I moved forward with other different kinds of workouts. To be back in a studio with my mirrors and my barre was an indescribable feeling.

Moving forward as instructor….what an amazing blessing, that I now can have the chance to have an impact! I get to payback the love!!!

I hope women who attend my classes leave feeling a total workout in mind, body, and spirit. I want them to sweat it all out, clear their minds, strengthen their muscles. I want infuse positivity and a strong mindset… so when they walk out of that building, they can better tackle what life may throw their way! We’re going to get together, we’re going to kick some serious booty, then we’re going to go do some serious awesomeness in this world! Let’s get after this ladies!