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December 2016

New Year, New You: B Present Group Wellness Coaching

Something about flipping the calendar to a brand new year makes all of us step back for a moment and re-evaluate where we are and where we want to be. (In northern Indiana in December, the literal answer to that question is “at the beach.” Always.)

Getting on track with diet, exercise, and overall health & lifestyle takes the perennial top spot on lists of New Year resolutions; it’s so common it’s practically a cliché. Also cliché? Falling off the wagon by March and having to make the same resolution again next year!

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Meet the Yogis: Megan and Kate

When we rolled out our brand new schedule last month, it didn’t just mean some new class times and formats in the class lineup–it meant some fresh faces on the B Team too! We are thrilled to welcome two new yoga instructors, Kate F. and Megan H., to our growing team. Along with barre tender/yoga instructor Kara B., they are now leading yoga classes every week at B Present. Read on to find out more about Kate and Megan, how their respective journeys with B Present began, why they love yoga–and why you will too!


Kate F.: Fast Facts

  • Originally from the Detroit area
  • Completed undergraduate work at Michigan State University; currently a third year law student at Notre Dame. Hopes to go into litigation: “I have a big mock trial coming up on Saturday and that will be my first real experience in the courtroom. We’ll see how it goes!”
  • Loves to travel: “I lived in Amsterdam for a month before I started law school, I spent last semester studying abroad in London, I lived in France for three months during undergrad for an internship, and I lived in Washington D.C. for the last two summers working for a small law firm.”

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