When was the last time you did something for the first time?

You’ve probably noticed some big changes on the class schedule lately: new class times, new instructors, and even brand new classes. What’s going on around here?!

We talk a lot about comfort zones at B Present Studio. To put it mildly…we’re not a fan of them! “I’m always watching clients’ bodies and results and even mindsets,” says B Present founder and co-owner Tammy Weisweaver. “We have such a loyal following and people who have been with us for years now. We also have brand new clients coming in all the time, but I didn’t want those longtime clients to fall into a comfort zone. Even though the classes are challenging, and we are always changing our staples of Barre Bootcamp and Barre Beautiful–those aren’t going away by any means!–I though it would be good for our minds AND our muscles to mix it up and have some novelty.” Continue reading “New Schedule, More Classes: Behind the Scenes with Tammy”