If you’ve been hearing about B Present Studio for awhile now but have yet to try a class, you’re in good company: that’s exactly how Lucy’s journey started too. “I first heard about B Present through our neighbors and had always wanted to try it out, but I was always in golf season, or recovering from some type of surgery,” says Lucy, who was then a high school senior. But when her mom came home from her first class in February of 2016 raving about her newfound love for the barre, Lucy finally had to take the plunge. “I was determined to recover from my latest surgery and get cleared to try a class before I headed off to school!” And as any barre addict knows, trying “just one class” is usually only the beginning…

First Impressions

Lucy has to laugh when asked about her first class at B Present. “I thought I was going into it ready to tackle the workout head on, but little did I know…” she says, admitting that she pushed herself so hard that she had to dismiss herself from class for a few minutes to catch her breath. “I definitely had that first-timer’s feeling!” Not discouraged, Lucy came back after that first class even more determined to make it through the whole workout. Before long, she was a monthly member and coming almost every day.

(L) Barre is even better with friends! (R) Breaking long bands like a boss.

Rehabbing from Injuries & Making it Work

Lucy is a fit, energetic young woman; it would be easy to assume that this is all a piece of cake for her, but she’s had to overcome quite a few obstacles just to work out at all. “I was coming into B Present following three knee surgeries (one on my right knee, two on the left) plus a recent surgery on my left wrist,” she explains. “One of my knees is bone on bone, so I have to wear an ‘unloader’ brace to protect my right knee from hyperextension.” As if her knees weren’t enough, Lucy then tore a few ligaments in her left wrist in October of 2015 and needed surgery to repair the damage in January of 2016. “I had just been cleared by my surgeon [when I started classes at B Present], but he had warned me that it takes a few years to regain all strength [in the wrist],” she says. One of her biggest fears was not being able to do everything in the workout due to her various injuries, but that was quickly put to rest when she first walked in and told barre tender Kara F. about her restrictions.

That knee brace isn’t going to slow her down!

Kara gave her modifications both before and during the workout to reduce weight bearing on her wrist, having Lucy do plank work on her forearms and push-ups at the barre instead of on the floor. As she progressed in strength and became more in tune with the modifications she needed, Lucy knew what to do without even being told: “If I wasn’t able to do the exercise that the class was doing in a modified forearm plank, then I just took it up to the barre and did it there!” Soon enough Lucy even had the confidence to tackle some Barre Bootcamp and Barre Tender’s Choice classes, knowing that no matter what move the instructor threw at her, she would always have a modification available to make it work for her.

“The arm I had surgery on is definitely stronger now than it was before I started coming to B Present, and while I still have to wear a knee brace, my quad muscles have gotten a lot stronger too,” Lucy says. “B Present has proven to me that I can get a great workout that is both safe AND effective, even with the modifications.”

No Comparison Zone

Lucy admits that she’s walked into gyms before and felt intimidated, or like she doesn’t belong there–but B Present is different, she says. “I thought I was going to have people staring at me when I needed to make modifications, but that wasn’t the case. Instead I had people encouraging me and cheering me on!” She loves that everyone at B Present is on their own journey and moreover, that everyone respects and encourages one another. “You feel welcome at all times,” she says. “Everyone moves through the workout at their own pace, at their skill level.”

A New Chapter

Lucy has now started her freshman year at the University of Kentucky, where she will be studying human health sciences as a pre-med student. She misses B Present, but has already hit up the recreation center a few times and is excited to take advantage of their rock climbing wall and group fitness classes. “They offer PiYo, Zumba, and several others–I plan on trying a few out to find the ones I like the most,” she says. “I’m trying to convince them to add a barre class–they said there’s a good chance it will be offered in the second half of the fall semester!” (In the meantime, there’s always Barre on Demand!) “I think the biggest thing I will miss at B Present is of course the instructors, but also the feeling I have walking out of the studio. It’s that sense that not only have I received a good workout–and some “presents” that I’ll feel later on–but I have a clear head and I’m ready to tackle my day.”

(L) The mark of a true barre addict: breaking into spontaneous chair sits on the beach. (R) Some cute dorm room decor that Lucy made to remind herself of the inspiration she found at B Present! ❤


We will miss having Lucy’s smiling face around the studio, but couldn’t feel luckier to have been a part of her journey just as she prepared to begin this next chapter of life. See you at fall break, Lucy! 😉


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