Here’s a beautiful reflection from Barre Beauty Morgan, on discovering her worth and strength deep within her own heart…Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.09.54 AM

I took my stretching outside to soak up tonight’s beauty. As I was stretching I noticed how many bruises and scars I have covering my very tired legs. Though they definitely aren’t pretty, they are strong. When my head told me that I should give up, my legs and heart have always worked together to push me forward, even when I wasn’t nourishing them to do so.

Tonight I’m praising God for softening my heart and opening my eyes to see that he is with me every step of the way. A few months ago I didn’t believe that. I would look down at my legs that I no longer recognized. They had become just bones, covered in bruises, extremely weak, carrying my body that just wanted a break and nourishment. They were a reflection of my heart and mind. I thought that if I looked a certain way, if I ran a certain number of miles and lifted a certain amount of weights, I would feel worthy and therefore I would be happy.

The truth is, I was never going to find worth in the weight I was losing or the number of miles that I tracked on my running app.

I’ve contemplated sharing this part of my life for so long because truthfully it scares me to think about what people may think of me. But I’ve decided that what I’ve been through and the choices I’ve made that weren’t so healthy don’t define me. And I’m hoping that if anyone else I know is struggling with what I’ve struggled with that they might find peace in knowing: you are not alone, it will get better, and you are worthy.

“What I’ve been through doesn’t define me.”

Also, I would like to point out the current battle wound on my shin is thanks to barre thigh dancing in Tammy’s boot camp 😉 I also have Tammy to thank for changing my life – you are truly a gift from God!