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April 2016

Here’s a beautiful reflection from Barre Beauty Morgan, on discovering her worth and strength deep within her own heart…Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.09.54 AM

I took my stretching outside to soak up tonight’s beauty. As I was stretching I noticed how many bruises and scars I have covering my very tired legs. Though they definitely aren’t pretty, they are strong. When my head told me that I should give up, my legs and heart have always worked together to push me forward, even when I wasn’t nourishing them to do so. Continue reading “You Are Strong, You Are Worthy”

A brief reflection to get your mind right today from Barre Tender Amanda…


Sitting on my own two hands would make the simple task of enjoying this breakfast much harder. I think we can all agree on that.

In the same way, self-doubt cripples me too. It’s no different than sitting on my own two hands really.

When self-doubt takes a grip on me, I am held back. I cannot be stable because I’m constantly in a state of confusion and uncertainty. Self-doubt broods anxiety and makes even the most simple daily decisions nearly impossible!

While confidence will destroy your self-doubt, self-doubt will destroy your confidence. Don’t let it cripple you and hold you back from a life peace. You were not born to be a prisoner to yourself nor anyone else.

Go in confidence today knowing that you can always recover from a mistake and that grace is right there, like a pool, waiting for you to dive in.

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