Barre on Demand just celebrated its first birthday, and thanks to our globetrotting barre beauties, it has already been all over the world in its short life. From beaches in the Caribbean to rooftops in Paris, you all have found some pretty creative places to get your shake on…

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Barre on Demand is designed to fit YOUR life, wherever it takes you–meaning you can stream B Present’s signature classes on your laptop or tablet anywhere in the world that you have wi-fi, in your hotel room or on the beach, whether it’s 5:00 a.m. in Hawaii or midnight in Dubai. With spring break right around the corner and lots of our barre beauties gearing up for vacations, it’s the perfect time to give Barre on Demand a try!

So how does this “Barre on Demand” thing work?

It’s really pretty simple. Barre on Demand can be purchased through our studio’s MindBody scheduler just like our in-studio classes; simply click here and then choose which option you’d like to purchase. After you have checked out, you’ll receive a receipt via email–hang on to that! It has the password you’ll need in order to access your class.

Once you’ve got your password handy, head back over to the MindBody site and find the Barre On Demand tab. Listed here is the full library of On Demand classes available. Click the link for the class you’d like to take (you can read the descriptions anytime, but the hyperlinks won’t appear until after you’ve completed your purchase), make sure you have pop ups enabled in your browser window, enter your password, and off you go. The video recording will open in a new window and you’ll be able to pause and rewind if needed (just in case you feel the need to do an extra set of burpees 😉 ).

What equipment do I need for Barre on Demand?

Not much! Notice that each class description in the On Demand library includes not just the class type and instructor, but also what toys are used in that class. If you want a full B Present experience on the go and have extra space in your luggage, you can always purchase a home kit from our online shop. But if you’re packing light this time, no problem! Just look for the phrase “NO TOYS” in the class description–that means all you’ll need is your tablet or computer and a smile.

Here are some other helpful tips from our seasoned Barre On Demand’ers…

  • If you have to pick just one toy to take, a circle band is it! It takes up practically no space in your luggage, and can be used in place of weights or a ball to add resistance to a variety of moves.
  • A few cushy beach towels can pinch hit for your yoga mat.
  • Finding a makeshift barre could require the most creativity–stake out your surroundings before starting your On Demand class. Look for something to grab onto that’s at about waist level; balcony railings are a near-perfect substitute (and probably a near-perfect view, you lucky duck!). Countertops, door frames, heavy furniture, or a very sturdy-and-willing travel companion might also be options.

How much does this cost?

Ooh ooh, this is the best part! Barre on Demand classes are currently ON SALE for 50% OFF! Click here to redeem this special offer, which is valid through April 4, 2016. The offer applies only to three-class packs, which are marked down from $12 to $6, and you can purchase as many as you like (but keep in mind, classes expire one month from the date of purchase). That’s only $2 per class, which means you can keep some of that extra cash for happy hour by the pool (and enjoy it guilt free).

So now we just have to know…where are YOU going to embrace the shake this year? Let us know–better yet, snap a picture and tag us on Facebook or Instagram, and help us keep sharing our “presents” all over the world!