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March 2016

Barre on Demand: Spring Break Edition

Barre on Demand just celebrated its first birthday, and thanks to our globetrotting barre beauties, it has already been all over the world in its short life. From beaches in the Caribbean to rooftops in Paris, you all have found some pretty creative places to get your shake on…

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Barre With Baby on Board: Part II

Last week on the blog, we shared the stories of some of our barre beauties who have put active pregnancy to the test (spoiler alert: mom and baby approved!). This week, barre tender Kaley is sharing her experience with not just taking classes but leading them while pregnant with her third child. Enjoy!



With my first pregnancy, I worked out occasionally the first 20 weeks and really didn’t watch what I ate at all. I felt like I had a pass to eat whatever I wanted, that I was “eating for two!,” and that it didn’t matter because I was going to gain weight regardless. I ended up gaining more weight than I had hoped, had very little energy, and didn’t lose all of the weight until about ten months postpartum. The second time I got pregnant, I decided to do things differently, so I watched what I ate VERY closely (resulting in very minimal weight gain – half of what I gained with my first!), but didn’t exercise at all. By the time I was pregnant with my third, I had been an instructor at B Present for almost six months and knew that this time around I was going to take care of myself all the way around; I would continue to exercise AND be mindful of what I ate. Continue reading “Barre With Baby on Board: Part II”

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