As 2015 winds down, we can’t help but marvel at what a ride it’s been at B Present Studio. It’s hard to believe that at this time last year, our team and our studio were about half the size that they are today. The new year brings with it a chance for both reinvigoration and reflection; as we look ahead to all the promise that 2016 holds, we also look back in gratitude for all that 2015 had to offer:

  • Barre On Demand. You spoke, and we listened. We rolled out Barre on Demand in January of 2015, bringing the B Present experience to anyone, anytime, anywhere. We’ve heard so many inspiring stories of how Barre on Demand has allowed you to fit in a great workout no matter the circumstances. Maybe you can’t get to the studio because you’re stuck at home with sick kids. Maybe you have a wacky work schedule, or you’re traveling. Maybe you don’t live in the South Bend/Mishawaka/Granger area, or maybe you just prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home (or in the middle of the night!).
  • Studio expansion. In the first few months of 2015, it didn’t matter how many classes we packed onto the schedule–the waitlists continued to grow until it became clear that less than two years after our studio doors first opened in 2013, we had outgrown our space. In April, we began construction to convert the neighboring tenant space in our building into a second studio, even larger than the original. We invited clients to sign the foundation floor in the new studio as a symbol that each one of you is an important part of our story. StudioExpansionThe very first class in the new studio was held at 5:15 a.m. on June 15, 2015–and the mats were packed in wall to wall. We’ve never seen so many bright-eyed and bushy-tailed barre beauties so excited to be up at the crack of dawn!NewStudio
  • New classes and workshops. The tried and true Barre Beautiful and Barre Bootcamp classes were joined by some fun new formats on the schedule. Barre Bata brought the pain for even the toughest barre beauties (but at least the strict tabata timing offered a brief respite from the barre tenders’ notoriously bad counting), while Barre Basics offered a 45-minute option perfect for beginners. We went Barre to Bar on our fun monthly Date Nights, plus added specialty workshops like Core Galore, bArms, Barre Butt School, Barre Flow, and BarreDio to keep you on your toes. We’ve got more like this up our sleeve for 2016, like the brand new 100 Club workshop starting in January: 100 minutes, 100 reps of everything. Call us crazy (we probably deserve it), but that sounds like a club we want to join!
  • Six new barre tenders. Carrie, Kara C., and Stacy joined the B Team in January, followed by Hayley, Erika, and Karley in July. We promptly undid all of their kindergarten educations by teaching them the “right” way to count. 😉 NewInstructors
  • Launch of B Present Wellness Coaching. Surely you’ve heard one of our favorite expressions a few times now–“Abs are made in the kitchen”–and it may be annoying, but it’s also true. Exercise and nutrition are both essential to living our healthiest lives, and in October, we introduced the new B Well arm of B Present Studio to tackle that “nutrition” piece of the puzzle. Our wellness coaches Gina Schade and Carrie Pryor, both graduates of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, offer guidance and support through private or group wellness coaching, special workshops and presentations, and the signature 21 Day Transformation program. It’s not just about the food, either; Gina and Carrie’s holistic approach to wellness covers nutrition and meal planning while also working on stress reduction, life balance, emotional well-being, goal setting, finding your purpose, and any other area of your life that may be holding you back from becoming your best self.  More innovative programs are coming in 2016 to help you fuel your body, make better choices, feel your best, and kick bad habits to the curb.

    B Present Wellness Coaches Carrie Pryor and Gina Schade
  • She Believed She Could… It wasn’t all good news in 2015, and we were devastated to learn in May of this year that one of our personal trainers, Meg, had been diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. We watched her endure months of intense chemotherapy followed by a double mastectomy, and yet found ourselves inspired by her positivity and determination all the while. The B Present community rallied around Meg, sporting green bracelets and pink tank tops, participating in fundraisers like the “Barre for Boobies” event held in October, signing a handmade quilt, doing five minute plank holds in her honor, and just letting her know that we were in her corner. We’ll let Meg speak for herself on this one:

“If I didn’t have the studio and the community here, I don’t believe I would have a strong enough mentality or the self-worth to put up a fight like I am now. So many people have done so many great things, and offered so much encouragement… It’s more than I could have ever asked for or imagined. I’m just forever grateful. Life is tough, but if you have a team on your side rooting for you, you can do anything.”

  • Being a Force for Good. We believe that part of our duty as a local business is to give back to our community, and we’re proud to have supported some truly remarkable organizations and causes this year. We spearheaded the B-You-Tiful experience and were the presenting sponsor of this year’s Granger Paths 5K Run.  B Present founder Tammy strapped on her dancing shoes (talk about doing it afraid!) to compete in the Center for the Homeless’ annual Dancing With Our Stars competition, an event that brought in $500,000 this year thanks in part to votes and donations from the B Present community. Other local nonprofits that we were proud to support this year included the Family & Children’s Center, the Elkhart County Community Foundation, Junior League of South Bend, Girls on the Run, Oasis Granger, Northpoint Elementary School, Michiana YMCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Elkhart and St. Joseph counties, as well as numerous local families in need. All in all, B Present was able to contribute over $15,000 in donations and services this year to local charities and organizations.

    The B{you}tiful Experience, Dancing with our Stars 2015, and Granger Paths 5K Run/Walk


Finally, 2015 was the year of “balance.” We set this intention at the beginning of the year, and have kept this word at the forefront of our minds. We incorporated moves into our workouts that would help our clients improve their balance by building strong cores and mental focus. We also meant it figuratively, challenging ourselves and you to work toward achieving balance in our lives each day. We aren’t the best versions of ourselves when we’re 100% consumed by any one thing, be it work or school or parenting. What does balance mean to you? Maybe this year you ditched the all-or-nothing mindset, and learned how to balance overall healthy living with occasional indulgences. Maybe you took up a new hobby that brought freshness and novelty to your days. Maybe you worked to achieve better work-life balance, becoming more protective of your free time and more judicious with the words “yes” and “no.” Maybe you literally just learned how to balance on one foot without tipping over–hey, that matters too!

We hope your 2015 was full of balance, joy, strength in the face of challenges, and personal growth.

As always…Thank you for being present!


The B Present Team