Barre On Demand: Barre Wherever You Are!

Check out this gorgeous home studio created by Elise, a barre beauty who is enjoying our “presents” from afar!


When Elise and her family moved from the Granger area to Terre Haute, Ind. about a year ago, she was determined to find a way to bring the beloved B Present Studio experience with her.

“This is where the magic happens! B Present is here every day. I have been there since the studio first opened–it’s a religion to me! Now I do Barre on Demand five days a week, I’m fit and fabulous, and I enjoy the small words of encouragement from the instructors. Miss you all!”



Elise and B Present just can’t be torn apart by 230 measly little miles. No matter the distance, love will find a way! 😉


Try B Present Studio’s signature workouts through Barre on Demand anytime, anywhere!