Check out Bri Tepe’s barre story, featured in the September 2015 newsletter:



“I had to share this picture with you. Just about a month apart from one another.  I’ve never thought I needed to lose weight or anything, I’ve always been tiny my whole life, but to see the evidence of barre makes me smile.  I’ve never been one to work out and had never liked it.  Amanda was the one to encouraged me to try out basics back in March and I’ve been hooked ever since.  

I’m so thankful I found B Present.  When I started, I didn’t know that shortly after I’d be going through some pretty big life changes in terms of relationships and my job.  I’m convinced that coming to barre and B-ing present has helped me to deal with the changes better than if I wasn’t.  I don’t come to get rock solid abs or a great butt (although those are a major plus ) it truly has become my outlet for stress and the changes that have come these past few months.

“You and the other gals are like my own personal therapists without me even having to say a word.”

I’ve struggled over the years with anxiety and self-esteem issues and coming in for that hour at B Present reminds me that I am enough, calms me down, and has made me realize I don’t need to be anyone other than myself and that’s more than enough.  You and the other gals are like my own personal therapists without me even having to say a word. You ladies have a way of saying just the right thing exactly when I need to hear it.  I cannot thank you enough for bringing B Present to life.  I truly appreciate all you and the other barre tenders do to make this place a place I look forward to coming to almost every day…seriously, I come at least 6 times a week now!!  So now that I’m tearing up after writing that, again,  thank you for all you do. You’ve been a blessing in disguise for me!!”



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