“Remember your WHY. Why are you here today?”

Listen in on a typical barre class at B Present Studio. You’ll hear the pulsating beat of the music, and the huffing and puffing of your mat neighbors between sets of planks and pushups. Maybe you’ll hear some grumbling or choice words aimed at the instructor as she cheerfully chirps “Pulse, pulse, pulse!” and “Last eight!” (this is almost always a lie).

But listen harder and you’ll pick up on what sets B Present apart and makes it a truly special place: a steady hum of phrases like this, inspiring us to push farther than we thought we could go.

Why are you here today?

It’s a good question. Why bother with exercise? There are only so many hours in the day, and there are plenty of other things that you could do with that time.

For most of us, the motivation at least begins with some sort of physical, appearance-centric goal. Who doesn’t want to look great in their wedding dress, in a bikini, or in a pair of shorts? It’s not that these aren’t worthwhile goals. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a cute butt! But our physical aesthetic makes up just a tiny piece in the big, beautiful mosaic of who we are and what gives our lives meaning. Can we build our entire mindset upon that, and draw all of our motivation from that one tiny piece?

When we do that, our mental approach to exercise starts to look a little like a Jenga tower balancing precariously on a single block. It becomes harder and harder as time goes by to balance more blocks on top of that wobbly foundation. And then—a setback. A piece of cheesecake, perhaps. This isn’t part of the plan!, you scold yourself. Now everything is ruined! My thighs are now cheesecake and my butt is cheesecake and EVERYTHING IS CHEESECAKE. ALLLLL IS LOOOOSSSSSTTTTTT. Down goes the Jenga tower.

This is where the real magic of B Present happens. When you walk in already feeling like you’ve failed, and doubting whether this is worth the effort, there’s that question again.

Why are you here today?

You are here because you are more than your butt.

You are here because how this makes your body feel is more important than how it makes your body look.

You are here because today you held that plank for ten seconds longer than you did yesterday, and that makes you feel strong and powerful.

You are here because bless their little hearts, you need to get away from your kids for an hour—and you’re a better mother for the rest of the day because of it.

You are here because whether you know it or not, you are inspiring someone else right now.

You are here because this makes you a better employee, a better spouse, a better friend, and a nicer person.

You are here because even though you aren’t perfect, you’re worth this.

Each of your whys is another block in your foundation, and will steady you when you start to wobble. So why B Present Studio? Because, quite simply, they care about all of your whys—and all of the whys you have yet to discover.

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~Written by Guest Blogger (Wife, Momma, & Barre Beauty) Carly Squadroni