Check out Lindsey Forsyth’s barre story, featured in our July 2015 newsletter:

“For the last 15 years, I have been nursing a bad back.  I’m 31- that’s almost HALF of my life.  I suffered a stress fracture to my L4 vertebra playing soccer, and since then my back has seemed to be a downward spiral of dysfunction.  After seeking help from a series of doctors throughout my high school and college years, I came to accept that back issues would likely be a part of my life forever.  By January, 2014 the ongoing nuisances had become pretty severe pains that began to affect my quality of life and my ability to be an active mother to my three young children. Every afternoon, like clockwork, I got a persistent tension headache that wouldn’t let up until I slept at night. I almost always went to bed with aching legs and the mobility in my neck was worsening weekly. Sometimes I couldn’t stand up straight for a week.

In April, I began seeing an amazing physical therapist who taught me so much about my spine. He told me of the importance of protecting it in my daily activities, and he encouraged me to strengthen it through smart and cautious exercise. I hadn’t really exercised in over ten years. I truly believed I didn’t have time with three kids under age 4, and if I wasn’t playing a sport I found working out to be incredibly boring. And then my sister-in-law started showing up to family gatherings with crazy toned arms. Arms that I wanted to be my arms. That’s when this “barre” thing she talked about at B Present started to seem a little more enticing.

I came to B Present for the first time in June, 2014. I remember my legs shaking just walking out of there. We did so many different little tweaks and moves that the hour actually flew by. I definitely had to take breathers here and there, but so did some of the other girls. And the best part was that no one cared anyway! Everyone was so busy working hard themselves that they didn’t even notice me sitting out a plank or stopping to catch my breath. The instructors offered modifications for people like me who needed to be cautious and careful. Barre seemed to fit my circumstances perfectly. I remember telling myself that if I went just once a week, I would feel as though I accomplished something.

“I have had back pain twice in the last year. That’s 363 days fewer than the year before.”

It’s officially been a year since I began. I attend barre beautiful or barre bootcamp 3-4 times a week and manage to get my work out in before the kids wake up for the day. I have had back pain twice in the last year. That’s 363 days fewer than the year before… and both times the pain was a result of running on pavement. I don’t remember my last tension headache and I can actually touch my chin to my chest. I haven’t been able to do that for years. I do, however, notice that when I go without B Present studio for longer than about a week, I begin to feel tender in some spots. One of my doctors has suggested that perhaps the time I spend at B Present keeps my inflammation down. I believe it! B Present Studio has strengthened my core, given me so much flexibility, and generally just really improved my quality of life.

unnamed (1)I remember the first time I heard Kara Front say (as she touched her toes to the ceiling in a way only Kara can), “This will never get easier, but you will get stronger.” While I probably rolled my eyes then, I grin when I hear her say it today because my experience is proof of that. It’s not some cliche phrase of encouragement. I actually AM stronger. I am happier. I am healthier as a result of this amazing studio and the BEAUTIFUL, ENCOURAGING community of people it has created. I am so grateful to each instructor and all the women who set their alarms for the 5:15 am class so people like me can run around the backyard with my kids pain-free. Thank you so much for an awesome year. Looking forward to many more in the new space…”


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