Check out Aleta Marquez’s barre story, featured in our April 2015 newsletter:

“I started attending B Present Studio almost two years ago!  I was doing Insanity at the time and thought I could easily do this class.  BOY WAS I WRONG! The class was TOUGH!  Even so, I fell in love with it! I was hooked after the first class and became a monthly member and have been ever since.

Two years ago, when I was just getting into working out, my main goal was to control my weight and tone.  I think most people have physical reasons for why they may want to start working out. B Present will give you physical results quickly, but what I did not realize I would get was results in many different aspects of my life.

“I have built so many positive relationships, but most of all, my view of ME has changed.”

I have dealt with anxiety issues for awhile. Those issues stem from me striving for perfection. Attending B Present, I have learned that there is no such thing as perfection and that is OK!  The B Present Community is amazing!  Not only do the instructors make you feel at peace with yourself, but so do all the women that I sweat with everyday.  I have built so many positive relationships with other people, but most of all, my view of ME has changed and continues to get better everyday that I choose to “B Present!”

unnamed (1)Two years later & the class is still incredibly tough!  My body has become just as tough because I have learned to push through, even when I am not comfortable.  I take this mindset with me in life.  This has given me strength that enables me to push through negative thoughts and tough situations.  My life has totally changed thanks to entire B Present community.  I honestly do not know where I may be without the support and positive words I get from these women and the relationships I have been able to make.”




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