Check out this sweet letter from Kerri Kramer, featured in our February 2015 newsletter:

“I was fortunate enough to hear about your studio from a lady I cycle with this summer.  I have been attending your classes for about 2 months now.  I wanted to take a few minutes out of my day to express my gratitude for the B Present experience. In just two short months, I have been changing from the inside out!

I have always been an active person and enjoyed challenging myself. I was not always able to devote as much energy to staying physically fit as I would like due to raising a family, working full time, and life in general, but stayed as active as possible.  I am now 52 years young and can say, with the help of your classes, I am happier with myself than ever before. I feel stronger, healthier, more toned, and more peaceful. 

“You have been helping me stop all the noise and “B” present.”


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The most important changes have been developing on the inside.  You & your beautifully talented staff have been helping me stop all the noise and “B” present. Like all women, I always wished for a different body type, but have learned perfection does not exist.  If I had the body (I think) I want; I would certainly find something else I didn’t like about it.  I am learning to “B” happy with myself and keep striving for improvement in the areas I fall short. I believe I am a little kinder to myself and others, and certainly less stressed since I have been attending your classes.  Your inspirational words in class and daily posts on FB do make an impact. 

You have truly found your calling in life Tammy.  You are making a difference in women’s lives every day. I myself, and I am sure I speak for many others, am grateful to have found you!

I just purchased one of your beautiful necklaces with the saying, “B Present” on it.  I will wear it proudly with the hope other women notice it and inquire about it.  I will joyfully explain as best I can the B Present experience and hopefully encourage others to become Barre Beauties as well! 


Kerri Kramer

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